I was just made aware of Saint Paul STRONG.  It is a great example of the grassroots oriented governance that I would use as a City Council member.  It is a community-led committee working to improve an open and representative government without partisanship.  Local government should not be driven by the platforms of any party.   I wish could have expressed the ideas as eloquently as they did.

I am unable to cancel my substitute teaching job on that day and will not be able to attend.  If you can adjust your schedule, please consider coming. 

Checkout the STRONG philosophy.

What: Announcement of Saint Paul STRONG
When: Wednesday October 7th, Gather at 1:30  News Conference at 2:00pm  
Where: Oxford Community Center (Jimmy Lee Recreation Center & Great River Water Park), 270 Lexington Parkway North, Saint Paul, MN  55104.


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