The survey question for the week of 9-6-2015 prompted 17 submissions.  Half of the responses supported the public funding a soccer stadium, however people completely against or for the policy were each more than a quarter of their half.  Of course, the sample of 17 is not enough to suggest the extreme choice data means anything.
Some comments were expected such as being a sports fan or non-fan.  Some cited the potential economic development from a stadium, while others suggested the opposite and the frustration with giving money to wealthy team owners.

The economic studies strongly show the stadiums do not give a return to the public.  (The survey suggests there is an emotional factor that maybe too hard to quantify, therefore I suspect that there should be some public financial greasing to these sports projects.  The public should also get some form of financial return via a profit sharing system.

If the St. Paul site is chosen for a new soccer stadium, it would be a shame for our city to give away any form of revenue.  Consequently, if a tax break is granted by our state and city, I hope a percent of the team's profits are earmarked for us.  Such an arrangement would allow both the team and our city to predict costs/income.  After all, I feel that most businesses are more interested in reducing the variables that limit their potential profits than simply maximizing their income.



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