One of my goals is to have affordable internet for all Eastsiders.  This service will allow everyone to access the wealth of information available on internet and to allow them to share their talents/passions with each of us.  In addition, our school system has given each child an Ipad to complete their schoolwork, so this service would assist our future generation's success.

I ask everyone to spread the word of this important goal.  Currently, there is an organization trying to promote internet for everyone in St. Paul.

Also, PCs for People can help with affordable computer equipment.  

The mayor's proposed 2016 budget includes an interesting potential for Payne Ave and Arcade St.  There may be parking meters added to our streets to encourage turnover in our future.
The current level of economic development on Payne Avenue (just blooming with some wonderful new restaurants) or Arcade Street would probably be hindered with the installation of meters.  The couple of 100 grand is not worth it.